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Overhead environment diving is one of the most challenging disciplines a diver can pursue. The shallow, decorated caves of the Riviera Maya force divers to master buoyancy like no other environment, and the fragile formations require divers to acquire precise control of every fin movement. Here, you’ll learn complex navigation in the most extensive flooded caves on the planet, and you’ll be introduced to the variety and beauty of Mexico’s caves.


Decompression procedures, mixed gasses, and stage bottles are tools for extending your dives into new environments that few divers ever have the opportunity to experience. The Riviera Maya offers a variety of practice locations, including sink holes to hone precision skills in still water, and colorful coral walls to learn to manage boat diving and currents in the deep. We offer a range of courses divers of all experience levels, from deco procedures to advanced trimix. 


Side mount is rapidly becoming the new standard of equipment configuration in the Mexico cave diving community. The freedom of movement, combined with the increased redundancy and ability to manipulate and access gear makes so much sense once you try it. If you are interested in learning more,  we offer a wide range of side mount courses from demos, to serious side mount courses, to side mount crossovers for divers who are already cave or tec certified.