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• 100% Private Service
• Deep Ocean Walls
• Wrecks
• Caves
• $250 USD/ 1 Diver
• $220 USD/ 2-3 Divers
• Oxygen/ Nitrox Fills Included
• Helium/Trimix Fills at Market Price
• Boat and Crew Rental
• Transportation From Shop
• Lunch at the Beach
• Safety Equipment


The Yucatan Peninsula is known for as a cave diving mecca, but caves are not all the region has to offer. Just off the inland coast and along the island of Cozumel lie deep coral walls, covered in clusters of black coral and massive sponges, where it’s not uncommon to see pelagic life, including a variety of sharks. Tec divers can drift over shipwrecks surrounded by eagle rays, or visit hidden pinnacles where manta rays gather. Even at depth, the ocean is never cooler than 27° C and the visibility is often upwards of 30 meters – it’s paradise. We have dives to suit every level of technical certification from nitrox to advanced trimix. Whether you choose to crawl out from underground and get salty in the ocean, or plan technical technical cave dives to the Pit, we can make it happen.



Arranging technical dives in an unfamiliar location can be difficult, and there are often factors that a diver unfamiliar with the area might not consider. Most dive shops in the area require a known local guide present on technical dives because of liability, particularly because there can be strong currents along the coast. Executing an enjoyable deco dive in the drift takes local knowledge, and we are happy to help with even the most challenging dive plans. Under the Jungle will arrange private boats, knowledgable captains, cylinders, gas, and guiding, as well as emergency plans and safety equipment. Let’s sit down with a coffee start up your favorite deco software, and make a plan.



Guiding technical diving costs $250 USD/dive for an individual diver, and $220 USD/dive for groups of two to three divers (maximum group size for trimix diving is two diver to a guide). The price includes tank rentals and non-helium fills, 2.5 hours of private boat and crew rental, on-board oxygen and safety kits, one drift kit per a diver, transportation from the dive shop to the boat, and lunch at the beach. Please contact us via email for technical cave diving prices. The shop has a rinsing area and spacious gear storage room to hang suits and charge lights. Not included in the price are equipment rentals, helium fills, and additional transportation fees to distant sites such as the Puerto Morelos wreck, Dos Picos, and Cozumel. We are happy to arrange and additional dive/day upon request.