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From the surface, the cenotes have an exotic beauty, but it’s nearly impossible to comprehend the immense subterranean spaces of the Rivera Maya without actually diving into them. A guided cavern tour introduces experienced divers to overhead environment diving while staying safely in large areas and within the sight of daylight.


In Mexico, there’s hundreds of cenotes open to certified cave divers: from classic caves that are easy to find, to those that are off the beaten path and inaccessible to all but the toughest of vehicles. Hiring a guide will help you to see the greatest variety of caves during your trip, and will simplify logistics. Plus, we’re fun to hang out with.


There’s more to Mexico than just caves (although that’s sometimes hard for even us to remember). Just off the coast is the Cantile, a deep wall where divers can see black coral and some surprisingly massive marine life. If you are certified tec diver, take a day off of cave diving and check out the wall (or just take a little trimix to a cave).